STEP 13: What are the most important reports to begin with?

These reports can help you get started:

  1. Agreements 2.0 – this report allows you to filter out signed, active or ended agreement which were added automatically or manually, as a first agreement or as a continuation of a previously ended agreement
  2. Members – this report allows you to preview your client base: their personal data, additional information on their profile and their agreements
  3. Warehouse stock – this report shows you current stocks defined by using deliveries
  4. Attendance – this report shows you information about the Members’ attendance. The results can be filtered by instructors, types of classes. It can be used to check the classes’ popularity
  5. Entries 2.0 – this report shows you the activity levels of your Members, their valid and invalid entries.
  6. Sales in detail – shows you the summary of sales in the time period provided. In here, you can find payments for bar module transactions, as well as installments and fees.

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