Important: The option to collectively restrict logging from a given IP address

We kindly inform you that it is possible to restrict users logging into the system from computers other than those available in the club. The system administrator in the club can set the restriction for security reasons.

You can:
collectively set login restrictions, without having to edit each user;
exclude individual users from IP address verification;
perform global settings verification and verification set by the user.

In the Employee edition in the Additional data there is a new setting called “IP address allowed”.

There is also the option of entering an address or IP addresses for clubs from the club chain or for a single club. If IP addresses are entered and the Employee has the “IP address allowed” flag pinned in the profile definition, then the IP address will be verified from the global settings when logging in.

Local club: tab Club settings > Configuration> Employees > “IP address allowed”
Club chain: Club Chain Settings > Configuration > Employees.

In case of any question, we invite you to contact our Helpdesk team by creating a ticket in the eFitness system.