How does the mobile application work?

You’ll learn how the mobile application, which allows registering for classes, checking one’s activity level, buying a membership or managing agreements, work.

1. Looking for a club

While being in the application, enter the name of the club and click on a result:

Once that is done, the description and the open hours of the club will be displayed. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to the link to the club’s website, the ability to send an email or conduct a phone call directly to the club itself:

2. Logging in to the application for existing Members

Click the Enter club button and then fill in your credentials:

3. Buying a membership as a new client

Choose your Club and use the Enter club button. In the following screen, choose Join now:

Then, choose a membership and click Continue:

Enter your personal and contact data, as well as the address. When entering the address data, you will be taken to the process of pinpointing your localization, thanks to which, the address can be precisely entered:

Checking the I need a company invoice option will let you enter the company’s details:

In the next step, it is required to review the consents:

The last step consists of the summary (it is still possible to go back to the previous steps if needed):

After clicking the Confirm & pay button, the application will ask you to register a credit card in order for it to be charged.

4. Managing the profile and what we can find there:

  • My weightdetails regarding the client’s weight. The same information can be found in the Results tab on a Member’s profile
  • My memberships – history of memberships, alongside the ability to buy a new one
  • Manage consents – here, you can review your consents
  • Edit profile here, you can edit your data
  • Language – here, you can change the application’s language
  • Change my email
  • Invoices – where you can find automatically issued invoices
  • Contact a club – here you can send a direct message to the club
  • Feedback – here you can send a direct message to eFitness, with your opinion and suggestions regarding mobile app
  • Quick login – allows you to log in using your fingerprint or Face ID
  • Change Password – where you can change your current password
  • My credit/debit card – where you can enter new credit card’s details (this option is available to the Members who already had registered a credit card)
  • Logout – use it to logout and return to the list of clubs

5. Registering for classes and checking the activity level

In the Schedule tab we can find the classes calendar. After clicking on a class, we can see information regarding the instructor or the number of vacancies. Registering can be achieved by clicking the Sign up for this class button:

The icon can be chosen in the Club/Chain settings -> Class types tab.

Classes can be added to the calendar by clicking the icon to the right:

6. Additional tabs

  • in the Club tab, you can find information about the club and news. The tab is visible without logging in.
  • the Notifications tab shows the list of push notifications, should the automatic messages be enabled.

  • in the Activity tab, you can see your number of entries to the club, overall time spent in it and your class registrations

7. Access to the Club using QR code

After logging into the mobile application, QR code should be available in the Club tab:


After the mobile application being downloaded, it is required to login into the app, using your Google account or AppleID (depending on the device type that you are using), according to the tutorial visible on the screen. Thanks to this, an overriding profile is created, which increases your login safety and allows you to save credentials from all clubs where you attend.

Proper information will be shown after launching your application. Separate views will be displayed for Google accounts and AppleID:

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