How to assign a credit card?

In this article, you will learn how you can register your client’s credit card, and how they can do it themselves using your member zone.  We will also show you a report with your clients’ credit cards data.

How to register a credit card on the Member zone?

  1. Member logs into the Member zone, and goes to the Manage your account tab

  1. Member uses the Payment type window, where they choose the Select the payment type

and selects the Recurring payment option:

  1. Member is redirected to the credit card details registration page.
  2. After filling all the necessary information, the credit card is registered.

Afterwards, a member can change the credit card information on the same page.

Registration of the credit card by the Club Employees

  1. Go to the Members -> Members -> Member’s profile tab
  2. Go to the Agreements tab and click the credit card icon

Another way to do so, would be to go to the member’s profile and clicking the gear icon:

  1. You will be redirected to the credit card information form.
  2. After the registration process, you will see the cropped credit card data, as well as it’s status.

Available fields:

  • Change– change the credit card
  • Delete – delete the credit card from the profile
  • Charge – manual charge of the credit card
  • Change e-mail – change email assigned to the credit card
  • Back– go back to the Membership tab

Credit card data report

In this report, you will find information about Members with a credit card assigned.

Go to the Report –> Finance –> Credit/debit cards

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