How to configure and use class registration deposits?

Thanks to this article, you will learn how to configure deposits – a security measure in case of a Member missing classes. Deposits are taken from the wallet and then returned, should the Client be present during the class.

Enabling the deposit functionality

  1. Go to the Club settings -> Configuration -> Fees -> Deposit tab
  • check the Deposit slider
  • define class types for which you would like to use the deposit with
  • Description on receipt – enter a name that will be available on receipts after deposits are settled
  • VAT – select a tax rate that will be available on receipts are deposits are settled
  • Default value – enter the default value for classes that do not have the deposit value option enabled

After defining all the fields, save the changes.

Important! Should a Client not have an agreement purchased prior to registering for classes, the deposit will not be taken into account.

  1. For a specific class, enable and define the deposit option. To do so, go to the Club settings -> Configuration -> Calendar -> Class types tab. Edit a class type by clicking the pencil icon:

Check the checkbox and define the Deposit field by entering the deposit’s value, should it be different than the default one:

Save the changes by using the Save button at the bottom.

Depositing wallet funds

In order to register for classes with a deposit required, it is necessary to have available funds in the wallet:

  1. Manual deposit on a profile:

The Wallet can be found and have funds deposited in it on a Member’s profile in the Finance -> Wallet -> See more > plus icon tab:

Enter the value and select a payment method. Additionally, a description can be added:

The deposit will then appear on the list and the balance will be increased:

After depositing funds, a non-fiscal deposit confirmation will be printed.

  1. Depositing funds through the Member Area

First, enable the wallet top-up functionality by going to the Club settings -> Configuration -> Member Area -> Member Area tab and checking the Wallet slider to Yes:

A Member logs into the Member Area and goes to the Manage your account tab. In the Wallet section, they can see information about their balance and have an option to top it up. After defining the value, they click the Recharge wallet button and make their online payment:

Registering for classes requiring a deposit on the Member Area

A Member goes to the Timetable tab and selects a class that requires a deposit.

After clicking the Sign up button, the deposit is collected automatically:

Transactions made with the wallet can be found in the Manage your account -> Wallet history tab:

Registering for classes requiring a deposit through the Club Staff

Go to the My Calendar -> Calendar tab and select a class. Then, enter the name and surname of a Member and click the Save button.

Registering for classes, regardless of the method, will result in the deposit being collected automatically:

Should a Member not have available funds on their wallet and the balance debit functionality is turned off, registering for classes will not be possible. Deposits are not required in case of using reservations.

Deposit settlement in case of Members being present during classes

The deposit will be returned the moment the attendance has been checked in the system, but the exact time depends on its type. Should the attendance be checked by default, the deposit will be returned the moment the Member enters the Club. Should the attendance be checked manually, however, the deposit will be returned at midnight.

Attendance being checked by default means that the system checks it automatically should a Member enter the Club no sooner than the defined number of hours before the class. This can be changed by using the Club settings -> Configuration -> Entries -> Default participation in booked classes that start within x hours option.

In case of the aforementioned scenario, the deposit is returned the moment the Member enters Club:

In the LOG tab on a Member’s profile, we will be able to see information about the entry to the club and class appearing simultaneously.

Deposit settlement in case of Members being absent during classes

Each day, after midnight, the system verifies the people who were not present during the classes for which they had issued a deposit. In such cases, the deposits will not be returned to the wallet:

Should you use an integrated fiscal printer with the system, the moment the absence is settled, a new Hold-type receipt will be issued and available to be printed in the Sales -> Receipts tab:

Deposit settlement verification

Go to the My Calendar -> Booked classes tab. In the Deposit received column, we can see the information about whether or not the deposit has been collected, and right next to it, the value of the deposit:

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