How to verify the suspensions implemented to indefinite agreements?

Once an indefinite has been suspended, a gap, as long as the duration of the suspension,  between two billing periods will appear. The term of payment will also be postponed.

Check out the How to configure suspensions and how to implement them to agreements? tutorial.

Make sure the suspension has been implemented correctly.

The agreement before implementation:

The agreement after suspending it for 10 days, beginning with 01.07:

As we can see in the installments preview, between 30.06 and 11.07, we have a 10 days gap. The gap is calculated using the days between, without the use of the last and first days of the installments:

However, in the agreement’s history the duration of the suspension is 01.07 – 10.06, meaning that in here, it is calculated with the use of the last and first days of the installments.

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