How to create and use promo codes?

Members can use promo codes both on the Member Area and in the Club. You can set your promo codes, and then share them on your social media!

Creating promo codes

  1. Go to the Marketing -> Sales promotions – > Special agreement offer -> Plus icon visible in the top right corner:
  2. In the Promotion campaign activation field choose Promotion code:
  3. Fill in remaining fields:
  • Promotion campaign name in the system – name of promotion campaign visible to you and other employees
  • Promotion campaign active – choose activation and expiration date for the promotion campaign
  • Role – choose who can fill in the code in the Club
  • Memberships – choose memberships, that the promotion campaign can apply to
  • Discount type – choose the type of the discount e.g.all  installments or admission fee. You can see the description of the chosen type upon hovering the question mark icon. You can choose multiple types of discounts on one promotion campaign. The discount can be counted by the fixed amount, or by percentage.
  • Discount’s description on the Member’s Area – fill in information displayed to the Member upon using the promotion campaign.
  1. Save changes, and you will be redirected to the promo codes view. Click on the plus icon to add new codes:
  2. Create random or defined promo codes:
    Type: Own – in the Code field fill in the code that is going to be used (max 10 characters) and fill in the Number of uses field to define how many times a single code can be used

    Type: Random – In the Length field set the number of characters (4 – 10 characters), in the Prefix field decide, if the code should always start with a fixed set of characters, Number of codes generated defines how many different codes will be generated, and Number of uses defines how many uses each of the codes has.

    You can also decide to add promo codes anytime, by going to Marketing -> Sales promotions -> Special agreement offer -> cog icon -> Discount codes:
    You can also delete the codes, if they were never used. To do so, use the checkbox visible on the right side, then go to Additional options -> Delete:

Using the discount code in the Member Area

  1. Member goes to the Buy a membership tab in the Member Area:
  2. After choosing the membership, Member will be forwarded to the form with personal data, where a field for the promo code is accessible:
  3. After the code has been activated, price of installments and fees will be converted

  4. Member fills in the form and buys the membership.

Using the discount code in the Club

  1. Go to the Members tab and add a new profile with the plus icon, or simply choose an already existing one.
  2. In the Agreements tab add a new membership to the profile.
  3. Choose the membership, and click on the Activate promo code button:
  4. Fill in the promo code and Activate it:

  5. Save changes using the Add a new agreement button

Using the code on an existing membership

  1. Go to a Members -> Member’s profile -> Agreements tab and click on the cog icon next to the membership you want to apply the code to.
  2. Choose the Add promotion campaign option:
  3. Enter the code and save changes:
  4. Price of unpaid installments and fees has been changed

Managing the existing promo codes

In the Marketing -> Sales promotions -> Special agreement offer you can see existing promotions:

  • Search – you can search for a promotion by its name
  • From/To – you can search for the promotions by the active date
  • Operator – you can filter the promotions by the person who added them to the system
  • Promotion campaign activation – you can filter the promotions by their type

You can edit the promotion by clicking on the cog icon on the right (type of the discount can only be changed, if none of the codes has been activated):

Managing the promo codes

In the Marketing -> Sales promotions -> Special agreement offer -> cog icon -> Discount codes you can view and manage the promo codes for the promotion:

Fields available


  • Search – you can search the promo codes using their value


  • Member – you can search the codes using a Member that used them


  • From/To – you can search with dates, when the code has been created


  • Status – you can search for the codes by their status of usage





Click on the Additional options to download the code list as a CSV or Excel file, delete codes, or change their number of uses:

Verification of promo codes

Go to the Marketing -> Sales promotions -> Special agreement offer -> cog icon -> Discount codes

If code has been used by any Member, a plus icon will be visible next to it. Clicking on it will display list of Members that used it, together with date and membership.

You can also see any information regarding the promo codes in Special agreement offer report:

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