How to add News?

You’ll learn how to add announcements that will be visible in the Member Area.

1.Enable the News in the Member Area functionality in the Club settings -> Configuration -> Member area -> Member area tab by checking the News slider to Yes and saving the changes at the bottom of the page:

2. In order to add an announcement, go to the Marketing -> News tab.

3. Click the plus icon in the top right corner:

4. Fill in the form:

  • the Active slider should be set to Yes in order for the announcement to be visible in the Member Area
  • define the starting date of the announcement; ending date can also be defined but is not required
  • by using the image manager, select an additional photo; said photo can also be deleted in case of a mistake
  • define the announcement’s headline and it’s content

Save the changes.

5. The announcement will then be visible in the Member Area:

6.  Announcements can be edited using the pencil icon and deleted using the bin icon:

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