How to anonymise data in the system?

Anonymisation is a process that changes the data in the system to unrecognizable ones according to GDPR. To do so, you can use one of two following methods:

Automatic anonymisation

1. How to set automatic anonymisation?

Go to the Club settings -> Configuration – > Member’s option -> GDPR and check the necessary data type:

Important! For the automatic anonymisation to work, a ticket issued to the Helpdesk team is necessary.

2. How the sliders work:

Name Anonymised data
(ID is inserted instead)
Deleted data
Personal data
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personal ID
  • Company assigned to the profile
  • Membership template
  • next to member’s invoices, only the “Delete” icon will remain
  • contractors name next to invoice/receipt
  • Card number
  • PIN number
  • Identity document number
  • Tax number
  • Company
  • Cell phone
  • Landline phone
  • E-mail address
  • address
  • CRM notes
  • bank details
  • documents added to the profile
  • credit card and direct debit details
  • Consents
  • LOG’s
Medical data
  • Results tab on the profile
  • Health typed notes in CRM
Photographic data
  • Profile picture
Financial data
  • Data on the invoice
  • contractor’s data on the receipts receipts
  • contractor’s data in transactions
  • Only a trash can icon will be visible next to the invoices of the member
Training data
  • Training results from the profile
  • Training typed notes in CRM
Employee data
  • Login
  • Name and surname
  • Second name
  • Personal ID
  • Cashier name
  • Sale staff name on the invoices
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Identity d
  • Calendar photo and description
  • Calendar name
  • Phone number and e-mail address on the Calendar
  • Member assosiation

All of the data will be anonymised after given period of time since the last agreement ending date:

All of the employee data will be anonymised after given period of time since the “Approved” slider has been unchecked:

Manual anonymisation on the Member’s profile

1. How to anonymise a particular member?

Go to the Member’s profile -> 3 dot icon -> Anonymise

Manual anonymisation deletes the same data as the automatic one

Important! Turning on the manual anonymisation does not require a Helpdesk ticket – it is active by default.

This anonymisation can be inactive while:

  • member has an active membership,

  • member has money on their wallet

  • member has an open dunning process

  • member has the data processing suspended

2. Wow does an anonymised profile look like?

Data processing suspension

You can suspend the data processing for the member by going to Member’s profile -> 3 dot icon -> data processing suspension

This option is not active by default.


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