How to create an agreement template?

You can create an agreement template that will automatically enter data from the system with the use of tokens yourself.

  1. First, go to the Club settings -> Configuration -> Member’s options -> Agreement templates tab:

    Important! If the tab is not available for you, inquire about it being enabled by issuing a Helpdesk ticket (the envelope icon in the top right corner)

  2. Then, use the editor to create a template and then add tokens:
    Below the editor, you will find a list of available tokens (values contained in square brackets). Use them by clicking the Insert button:Below, you can find a list of available tokens:

    MEMBER_CONSENT_SIGNATURE_ID:X Signature for a consent of “X” ID
    LONGEST_FREEZING_PERIOD Maximum freezing period
    IDENTITY_DOCUMENT_NUMBER Identity document number
    FIRST_INSTALLMENT_DATE First installment’s term of payment
    SUPPLEMENT_INSTALLMENT_DATE Supplement installment’s term of payment
    PHONE_NUMBER_GUARDIAN Legal guardian’s phone number
    MEMBER_SIGNATURE Member’s signature
    JOINING_FEE Joining fee
    IDENTITY_DOCUMENT_TYPE Type of the identity document
    COMPANY_ZIP_CODE Company’s zip code
    COMPANY_REGON Company’s CRO number
    COMPANY_PHONE_NUMBER Company’s phone number
    COMPANY_EMAIL Company’s email address
    COMPANY_NIP Company’s tax number
    COMPANY_STREET Company’s street name
    COMPANY_NAME Company’s name
    COUNTRY_OF_RESIDENCE Country of residence
    AGREEMENT_VALUE Value of the agreement
    AGREEMENT_DURATION Agreement’s duration (provided in numeric value)
    ADDRESS Client’s address
    ADDRESS_FOR_CORRESPONDENCE Client’s address for correspondence
    PRICE Membership price
    MEMBERSHIP_DURATION Agreement’s duration (provided in words)
    BIRTH_DATE Date of birth
    ADDITIONAL_INFORMATION Additional information
    ID_CARD_NUMBER Identification document number
    INSTALLMENT_PAYMENT_DUE Installment day of payment
    TODAY Current date (date of signing)
    EMAIL Email address
    PAYMENT_FORM Form of payment
    SALES_STAFF Sales staff (Account manager)
    PAYMENT_SCHEDULE Payment schedule (provided as a table)
    COUNTY County
    MEMBER_ID Member ID
    PAYER_ID Payer ID
    FIRST_NAME First name
    FULL_NAME First name and last name
    MEMBERSHIP_NAME Service category
    ZIP_CODE Zip code
    NUMBER_OF_INSTALLMENTS Number of installments in a membership
    MAX_NUMBER_OF_SUSPENSIONS Maximum number of suspensions
    MAX_DURATION_OF_SUSPENSION Maximum duration of suspensions
    CITY City
    PLACE_OF_BIRTH Place of birth
    NAME_OF_THE_CLUB Name of the club
    NAME_OF_AUXILIARY_FEE Name of an auxiliary fee
    SURNAME Surname
    TAX_EXEMPT_NUMBER_NIP Company’s tax number
    FULL_MEMBER_ID Complete Member ID
    HOUSE_NUMBER Number of the house
    CARD_NUMBER Number of the card
    BANKNAME Name of the bank
    BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER Bank account number
    BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER_CLUB Club’s bank account number
    BANK_ACCOUNT_NUMBER_SYSTEM Bank account number (provided in the settings)
    MEMBERSHIP_NUMBER_IN_ORDER Number of the agreement
    MEMBERSHIP_NUMBER Complete agreement number
    ENTRY_LIMIT Entry limit
    TERMINATION_PERIOD Termination period
    ID_CARD_NUMBER_GUARDIAN ID number of the legal guardian
    EMAIL_GUARDIAN Email address of the legal guardian
    FIRST_NAME_GUARDIAN First name of the legal guardian
    SURNAME_GUARDIAN Last name of the legal guardian
    PHONE_NUMBER_GUARDIAN Phone number of the legal guardian
    ADMINISTRATION_FEE Administration fee (value)
    ADMISSION_FEE Admission fee (value)
    AUXILIARY_FEE Auxiliary fee (value)
    MEMBERSHIP_CARD_FEE Membership card fee (value)
    PAYMENT Payment (one-time/installments)
    INSTALLMENTS_LEFT Installments left
    PROMOTIONAL_MEMBERSHIP_RENEWAL Promotional membership renewal
    SUPPLEMENT_INSTALLMENT_PRICE Supplement installment price
    MONTHLY_INSTALLMENT Monthly installment
    SUM_INSTALLMENT_ENROLLMENT_FEE Supplement admission fee sum
    SUM_FEES_SATURN Summary of fees to be paid as of right now (e.g. an installment + a fee)
    LANDLINE_PHONE_NUMBER Landline phone number
    PHONE_NUMBER Member’s phone number
    SECOND_INSTALLMENT_PAYMENT_TERM Second installment’s payment term
    LAST_INSTALLMENT_PAYMENT_TERM Last installment’s payment term
    STREET Street
    STREET2 Street 2 (second row)
    AGREEMENT_TO Agreement valid to
    AGREEMENT_FROM Agreement valid from
    INSTALLMENT_PRICE Installment price
    PAID_TODAY Paid today
  3. After creating a template, save it:
  4. Additional templates can be created by using the Copy button, or a template can be deleted completely by clicking the Delete button:
  5. Define a foreign language option by copying a template, filling it out with adequate foreign language and selecting it at the top of the editor:
  6. Attach an appropriate agreement template to a membership by using the Club/Chain settings -> Memberships -> pencil icon/edit -> Additional options -> Agreement template option:
  7. An attached agreement template can be printed by using the Member’s profile -> Agreements -> printer icon option:

Important! There is an option to have agreement templates created by the eFitness team. Creating a template is considered an additionally paid service. To have your templates created, send them in editable .doc or .docx formats to us by issuing a Helpdesk ticket.


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