What settings can be found in Entries part?

    1. Entries

      A – Membership card registration method – you can set to register either entries and exits of your Members, or only entries. This setting refers to the Entry/Exit buttons on the Entry screen

      B – For memberships with a defined number of entries punch one entry for each booked training class slider – with this setting set to yes, if a Member is signed in on two classes in 1 day, 2 entries will be counted from their membership.

      C – For memberships with a defined number of entries last entry terminates the membership slider – if set to yes, system will automatically close Member’s membership right after the last entry on their membership

      D – Default participation in booked classes that start within x hours  – in the moment of clicking an entry on Member’s profile, system will automatically check presence for the Member on all classes that start in inserted here period of time
      E – Time limit inside club (in minutes) – after a Member exceeds this time, on an Entry screen a note will be visible


  • Entry blocks

    A – Warn if
    – with the checkboxes you can set, in which of listed situations, an entry should be blocked on the gates (works with Suprema and Gantner access control), reception should receive an information on the Entry screen or a manual entry should be blocked.
    B – Warn if entry occurs again (within x seconds)
    – this setting works with Suprema and Gantner access control – it sets the period, in which after the entry, another entry cannot be registered again.
    C – Maximum number of members inside the club
    – limit visible on the In the club screen



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