What settings can be found in Sales part?

    1. Bar

      A – Bar module slider –turns on the visibility of the Sales -> BAR tab

      B – Member authentication – you can choose between authentication with a key number or Member’s card/fingerprint

      C – Debit slider – allows your Members to have negative balance on their wallet

      D – Maximum discount (in case of difference between them)  –  you can set which maximum discount is non-exceedable – the one set on the Member, or the one set on the product

      E – Maximum debit  – set the maximum debit on Member’s wallet

      F – Allow to change VAT rate at the bar slider – if set to yes, allows you to change the VAT on products

      G – Number of months that are being taken into account in the report – set the number of months considered while listing the suggested products on the Entry page:

      H – Sort products at delivery  – z listy rozwijanej możesz wybrać sortowanie malejąco lub rosnąco you can choose to either sort products increasing or decreasing

      I – Pay on exit (maximum amount)  – set the maximum amount of price, that can be paid at the exit by your Member

    2. Sales categories
      You can define new sales categories using the plus icon:

      Afterwards it needs to be assigned to a product/membership
    3. Items

      Here you can add a new product, service or a personal training package. If you want to know more, check out this tutorial!
    4. Categories

      You can add new categories visible in the bar section by clicking on the plus icon. If you want to know more, check out this tutorial!
    5. Outside bar settlements

      Setting the Require settlements outside the bar reasons  slider to yes will require your employees to choose one of the reasons when creating a settlement outside of the bar in the system. You can then define these reasons with a plus icon.




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