How to check the number of Members inside the club?

We will explain how to check the number of Members that are currently inside the club. You can check the list of Members that entered the club.

You can register both an entry and exit of a Member manually, by using the Entry page.

Inside club tab

This is the place in the system where you are able to check the number of Members that are inside the club. You can access it by going to the Members tab:


You’ll be able to see a list of Members alongside the date and the hour of their entry or exit.

In top right-hand corner, you can use the New members icon:

that will show you the profiles of the Members that were not in the club for a pre-defined by you number of weeks, e.g. for 4 weeks:

Number of entries display:

You can use this display using an additional monitor right next to the entrance of the club.

  1. Go to the Inside club tab
  2. Choose the house icon in the top right-hand corner:
  3. You will see the display with the number of entries

The display will let you know when the entries limit has been met:

Entries counter in the system

In the bottom left-hand corner of the system, you can find information about the entries limit and the number of Members that have entered the club:

If you click on the field itself, you will be transferred automatically to the Inside club tab.

The limit can be defined in the Club settings -> Entries -> Entry blocks tab:

Please remember to save all the changes you have made.

If you don’t define the limit, it will automatically be defined for you based on the equation: club’s metrage x 20%.
For example: if the metrage is 1000 metres, then the limit shall be 200.

When the limit is met, the counter will be in red:

Important! The access control devices do not block the ability to enter the club once the limit has been reached.

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