What are implicit classes and how to define them?

If you don’t use predefined timetables, define individual classes or register Members for introductory trainings, this article will help you understand how to define them in such a way that they appear in the calendar.

Enabling implicit classes

  1. Go to the Club settings -> Configuration -> Calendar -> Calendar tab
  2. Enable the Allow creation of implicit classes (by clicking on the calendar) slider
  3. Save the changes

Defining implicit classes

  1. Create an instructor
  2. Create a class type
  3. Go to the My calendar -> Services and click the plus icon
  4. Fill out the form

Fields available:

  • Class type – select a predefined class type
  • Instructor – select a predefined instructor who will be conducting the classes
  • Room – select the room, in which the classes will take place in
  • Duration of classes (in minutes) – define the duration in minutes
  • Attendance limit – define the maximum number of members that can attend the classes
  • Visible – check this slider if you wish to have the classes appear in the Member Area
  • Background colour for classes in calender – define the colour of the class’ box in the calendar
  • Colour used to highlight no vacancies  – define the color of the class’ box in case of no vacancies
  • Implicit classes – check this slider to make the implicit classes available
  • Availability – define the days and time when the implicit classes are available

Save the changes.

Implicit classes on the calendar

  1. Go to the My calendar -> Calendar tab
  2. Next to the name of the day, there will be a plus icon available. Click on the icon next to the day you would the implicit classes to take place on
  3. Select a class from the list

Classes highlighted in green are available for the members to register for.

Classes highlighted in red are a result of a conflict between the actual time and the time during which the classes are available.

  1. Fill out the form

Fields available:

  • From – define the time of the class
  • Duration of classes (in minutes) – automatically defined duration of the class
  • Room – select a room in which the class will take place in
  • Repeat every week – check this option if you wish for the Member to be registered for the class every week
  • Repeat until – if the aforementioned option has been checked, define the time until which the Member is to be registered for the class
  • Whole season reservation – by having this option checked and registering a Member will result in creation of a reservation
  • Member – select a Member that is to be registered

Visibility on the calendar

We have created a Member’s consultation with a simultaneous reservation.

If the limit is greater than the one in the example, you can register more Members by clicking the class’ box.

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