How to add News?

In this article you will learn how to add announcements that will be visible in the Member Area.

1. Enable the News in the Member Area in the Club settings -> Configuration -> Member area -> Member area tab by checking the News slider to Yes and saving the changes at the bottom of the page:

2. In order to add an announcement, go to the Marketing -> News tab.

3. Click ON the plus icon in the upper right corner:

4. Fill in the form:

  • the Active slider should be set to Yes in order for the news to be visible in the Member Area
  • define the starting date of the news; ending date can also be defined but is not required
  • by using the image manager, select an additional photo; already added photo can also be deleted in case of a mistake
  • define the news headline and it’s content

Save the changes.

5. The news will then be visible in the Member Area:

6.  News can be edited using the pencil icon and deleted using the bin icon:

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