What can a Member do after logging into the Member Area?

In this document, you will find out what data can be accessed by a Member after logging in.

1. Data visible in the top part of Agreements tab:


  • Current membership – shows you the name of the ongoing membership. Members can also freeze their membership here, if you allow them with necessary setting in Club settings -> Configuration -> Member Area -> Member Area.
  • Payment type – Member can register a credit card here
  • Wallet – Members can add money to their wallets, that can be used later, for example to pay for deposit
  • Bonus – Members can see the amount of bonus points available for them. They can also see how much more is needed for them to reach their target. A target can be defined in Club settings -> Configuration -> Member Area -> Bonus system:

    Bonus system can be enabled by the eFitness Helpdesk Team, if you write a ticket for them.
  • Renew membership – Member will be forwarded to the Buy membership tab.

2. Data visible in the bottom part of Agreements tab:

  • Information regarding membership and installments: 

  • Invoices, that your Members can download after clicking on them (this tab is only available with issuing automatic invoices set to online payment forms): 

  • Agreement history – allows your Members to download their agreement documents after clicking on the name of the membership: 

  • Wallet history – allows your Member to see cash flow on their wallet: 

  • Bonus point history – allows your Members to see all the income on their bonus balance: 

3. In the My workouts tab, Members can access their workout plans:

4. In the My progress tab, Members can access their inserted progress results:

You can insert progress results on Members profile:

5. In the top-right corner, your Members can access their personal data available on their account:

Your Members will be able to change their personal data, insert data on invoices and change their consents:

You can change data available to change on the Member Area in Club settings -> Configuration -> Member Area -> Member Area:

Setting the Notification slider to Yes results in allowing changing of the automatic consents by your Members.

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